Water Transfer Printing

Hydrographics  – Water Transfer printing


Hydrographics is also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping or cubic printing.

What is Water Transfer Printing?

You can create crazy, funny, mad, exciting effects on your ATV, Car, Motorbike, boat or anything else including fully customising engine parts and any other component you can think of!

Water transfer printing is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional (3D) surfaces and can be used on:

  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • glass,
  • hard woods, and
  • various other materials.

The only other way to get the kind of high quality individual design flare this process offers is through airbrushing, which is very expensive.

Want to express yourself with a totally unique design?

 Want to stand out from the crowd?

You really can create your own completely unique design – or you can chose from one of the huge range of design options.

Helmet with high gloss hydrographic snake skin transfer

Helmet with high gloss hydrographic snake skin transfer

Hydrographic transfer

A dashboard, gear stick and steering wheel transformed using a wood grain style Hydrographic transfer

engine cover parts transformed with two different water process transfers.

2 engine cover parts transformed with two different water process transfers.

Create your very own Hydrographics Design.

Choose your favourite hydrographic print from a wide range of designs and colours.
Select the colour or colours for the undercoat to go under the design – we will guide you as the undercoat will influence the final effect as it will show through the design.
This unique combination of undercoat and hydrographic print design will give you the personalised design you are looking for.
You may only want part of an item covered – talk to us about the effect and look you want to achieve – most requests can be accommodated and the coverage is fantastic even down to those nooks and crannies that a paint brush can’t get into.

Look at the benefits

Heat resistant custom parts – therefore ideal for engine parts

  • Create your totally unique water transfer look
  • Very Affordable Hydrographic process
  • Choice of finishes including high gloss for water transfer printing  process
  • Endless range of designs
  • Long lasting on all possible surfaces including high temperature hydrographic applications
  • Superior glass-look finish

Give us a call today (Call: 0423 805 533) and lets get your vehicle looking insane!

Example of items that have or could have hydro graphics or water transfers applied:

  • Any automotive or car part or car body part.
  • All thing for motorbike how about choppers or petrol tanks with water transfers printed on them.
  • Any part of a boat hull or the interior of the boat or boat accessory can have hydrographics applied.
  • All headgear and helmets for work of play can have carbon fibre coating plus any type of water transfer can also be added .

Other than the automotive and boating industry the products or items that can have immersion printing or cube printing (other terms to describe the water transfer process) are only limited by your imagination.

How about some of these for water transfer printing?

Musical instruments virtually any musical instrument could be used in the hydrographic process.
Household items, how good would a free standing bath or a big screen TV look with a water printed transfer.

How about in shop fitting, reception desks or counters could be dramatically presented with hydro graphic water printing.

If you would like to enquire on the water transfer process, let Adelaide Auto Refinishers undertake your water transfer job in Adelaide or if you want a quote on carbon fibre coating, immersion printing or cube printing Adelaide Call Adelaide Auto Refinishers on 0423 805 53

For even further information about Water Transfer Printing visit wikipedia here